Yaeger Dental Technicians are a group of handpicked personnel that have been trained and molded to fit the Yaeger Dental work ethic.  Our technicians attend factory training facilities and glean knowledge from the more than 38 years of experience of senior technicians within the company.  Taking care of your equipment until it is economically unproductive to do so is what we do.  If new equipment is needed please see our sales department.

Wade Chlopek

Wade Chlopek has been a technician since 1977, and he has been around since Yaeger Dental’s beginnings. Along with other Yaeger Dental technicians, Wade has attended several factory training seminars and classes. Wade, a History/Phys Ed major out of college, forsook his teaching aspirations and concentrated them toward the success of Yaeger Dental. Wade, now a part-owner of Yaeger Dental, works hard for each of the company’s clients with his keen eye for detail.

The best way to agitate Wade is to rearrange his toolbox, or threaten to cut his pirate mustache.

Tim Yaeger, Jr

Tim Yaeger, Jr, AKA Superman in many offices, started in the dental industry working summers while in high school. After high school he attended and graduated from Sequoia Institute in 1986. Junior, although eager to fix all of the automotive industries problems, wanted to work for a company that he would have a vested interest in. He came back to work for Yaeger Dental and is now a part-owner of the company.

The best way to irritate Tim Jr. is to tell him that “NASCAR is not a sport.”

Allen Ortiz

New to the Yaeger Dental crew, Allen Ortiz has a desire to fix things, and soak up as much information of the dental industry as possible. Allen has been placed in charge of our shipping, receiving, and shop inventory control. If you don’t see him under a building or getting dirty cleaning up the shop you can catch him behind his computer.

The best way to irritate Allen is to tell him, “You kinda look like Harry Potter.”

Denise Ferrari

Daniel Turner

Kevan McEntee

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