Midmark LED Operatory Light Quick Breakdown

Midmark LED Operatory Light Quick Breakdown

Due to several requests, we’ve put together a quick breakdown on the features of the Midmark LED dental operatory light.

Complement the way you work.

Identify shades, see details, and evaluate tissues with a true, reduced-shadow, energy-efficient white light. The ergonomic design offers complete control, with pull, tilt, and twist options, as well as easy access to the touchpad.

Touchpad Controls

Conveniently select from three light intensities in operate mode, or easily switch to composite mode for filtered light that prevents premature curing, all from an easily accessible touchpad.

Auto On/Off

When the Automatic On/Off function is being utilized, you can turn the light on by pulling the light down, and turn it off by pushing the light back up, saving energy and expense.

Bright White Light

Choose from three light intensities: 15,000 lux; 21,000 lux; or 27,000 lux.

Available in the following mounting configurations:

Midmark Elevance or Ultra LR

Midmark Elevance or Ultra Console

Track Light or Track Light with Monitor

Ceiling, cabinet or universal