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[CDA What’s New? #4] – Today is the first day of the CDA convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The deadline is here to make sure you’re compliant with California’s new clean water legislation, and every office is now required to have an amalgam separator attached to their vacuum system. There is still a last minute scramble to comply, and we’re here to make sure you’re covered with the best options possible. Mike Toole from Solmetex joins Tim Yaeger Jr. at the Associated Dental Dealers booth to inform us about why the new generation Hg5 is the best option on the market, along with info on the current $900 savings promotion to California dentists.

Owen Boyd introduces a new form of water disinfection hosted at the TPC booth at CDA Anaheim. This two-stage system has a 99.9999999% effective rate, using a compact ozone generator to bubble the water in a way that decontaminates water better than iodine products. The ozone levels are monitored within the system via built in sensors, but in the case of an electronic failure, a backup, statically charged filter housing acts as an additional analog line of defense for your water lines. When yearly maintenance is honored, the manufacturer will warranty the device for life, as well, setting a tone for equipment longevity.

Having just come off with a major success in their steel Integra casework line, Midmark is once again upping their game and adding a myriad of improvements to their cabinetry. Adding more steel to exposed work surfaces, as well as adding more accent colors, the Integra line required a large enough update to rename the product line. The new Synthesis group of modular cabinets is unlike anything else on the market currently. Crissy Treon explains the benefits of their new product line.

Join Tim Yaeger and Hank Barton at the California Dental Association meeting as they discuss what makes Forest so unique in the dental equipment industry.


Aside from offering well built, long lasting products, Forest Dental stands out from the crowd by offering modern, exciting styling which can enrich the look of any office, new or existing. Based on their “Designer Friendly” and “Affordable Excellence” platform, Forest’s unique vision of offering more than the sterile medical-grey appearance of most medical equipment pushes the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in comfort and ambiance within a dental practice. When design is an important factor when building or remodeling a practice, Forest is the most flexible choice around, without sacrificing quality in craftsmanship.

Why We Partner With Yaeger Dental

Dr. Markus Watson of South Beach Dental sits down for a quick interview on why he chooses to utilize Yaeger Dental Supply for his practice’s service needs. South Beach Dental provides dental services to the upscale neighborhood surrounding the South of Market section of San Francisco right beside AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants. Serving the new families and employees of San Francisco’s tech sector requires the practice to operate efficiently, including having all of its available equipment functioning without faults.

But in the cases when service is needed, Yaeger Dental is there to help. Not only does YDS offer quick responses to troubleshooting and repair, it also acts as a training service for the staff at South Beach Dental, providing information and basic training on minor issues which the staff can then use for in-house repair in the future if similar issues arise again.

Not only has Yaeger Dental been a partner with South Beach since its inception, it continues to assist in helping the practice grow and expand with multiple specialties now offered in house.