Bio-pure evacuation system cleaner

The eco-friendly solution for cleaning and disinfecting your vacuum lines.

Guaranteed to improve your suction performance!


The product to get you started. This preps your lines for using the patented Bio-Pure line maintenance powder formula.


Twice a week per operatory is all it takes to keep your lines free of debris and bio-mass. No longer worry about possible clogging issues that can halt your practice.

Liquid Flush

Need to clear your lines every day or between patients? The special liquid formula can be used as often as you need.

What makes it different than the rest?

Unlike most chemical flush products, Bio-Pure uses a proprietary mixture of enzymes that actively eliminate biological and non-biological material from your vacuum lines. The gentle formula is completely safe to handle around people and pets!


Bio-Pure is a microbial cleaner, 1 microbe becomes 9 -10 million in just 24 hours. The microbes work 24/7 eating/digesting organic waste through the entire system. What they cannot digest is loosened and flushed through. Bio-Pure will restore your pipes, and with continued use of Bio-Pure your vacuum suction will perform at full pump capacity.


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