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In the conclusion of our multi-part interview with Dr. Armi, he reflects on past service experiences with Yaeger Dental’s service performance and why it is so important to choose a provider that provides forward thinking to keep offices operational while equipment failures occur.

Join us as we sit down with one of our long-time clients, Dr. Greg Armi, as he reflects on the multi-generational business relationship between his practice and Yaeger Dental Supply. Not only has YDS taken care of Dr. Armi’s practice since our inception, that relationship actually predates our company, back to when Tim Yaeger Sr. (the founder of Yaeger Dental) used to work for Dr. Armi’s father. Over the course of this multi-part interview, we’ll explore what it takes to build a long lasting business relationship, which is our ultimate goal here at Yaeger Dental. Not only do we push ourselves to save our doctors time and money, we also strive to cultivate the best techs in the industry. Just as Dr. Armi explains how his patients are treated like family, that sentiment is mirrored in how we do business, as well.