Doug Braendle of SciCan introduces the new Salus cassette line at CDA Anaheim. What makes the Salus cassette different is that there is no need to use a sterilization barrier to store or sterilize the cassette, as it has a reusable, semi-permeable membrane to keep instruments safe and clean. According to SciCan, features include:


No Wrap Required

SALUS eliminates the costly and time consuming use of sterilization paper and pouches.

Save hours spent wrapping, hundreds of dollars in sterilization paper, and reduce waste.


Safe Transport

SALUS eliminates the need to handle your hygiene instruments during reprocessing. Instruments are safely and easily transported in the rack and sleeve.

The tamper evident latch is activated when processed through a steam sterilizer.
Rack handles lock instruments in place.


User Friendly

Transparent container allows for instant identification of instruments and chemical indicator.


Maintain OSHA Compliance

SALUS is OSHA compliant for transport. Safety knob locks container for secure transport.


Capacity and Sterile Storage

SALUS fits most standard hygiene solid instruments (up to 6.88”). Maintains sterility for up to 30 days. Container to last 2,500 cycles.


If you would like more information, or would like to order any SciCan or Salus products, contact Yaeger Dental at 650-593-5100.

In the conclusion of our multi-part interview with Dr. Armi, he reflects on past service experiences with Yaeger Dental’s service performance and why it is so important to choose a provider that provides forward thinking to keep offices operational while equipment failures occur.

Join us for the continuation of Dr. Greg Armi’s interview as he talks through his experiences with Yaeger Dental Supply equipment sales and repair services. How do we stack up with the competition? We’ll let Dr. Armi field that question!

Join us as we sit down with one of our long-time clients, Dr. Greg Armi, as he reflects on the multi-generational business relationship between his practice and Yaeger Dental Supply. Not only has YDS taken care of Dr. Armi’s practice since our inception, that relationship actually predates our company, back to when Tim Yaeger Sr. (the founder of Yaeger Dental) used to work for Dr. Armi’s father. Over the course of this multi-part interview, we’ll explore what it takes to build a long lasting business relationship, which is our ultimate goal here at Yaeger Dental. Not only do we push ourselves to save our doctors time and money, we also strive to cultivate the best techs in the industry. Just as Dr. Armi explains how his patients are treated like family, that sentiment is mirrored in how we do business, as well.

[CDA What’s New? #8] – It’s the last day of the 2017 Moscone CDA Convention, but that doesn’t mean we’re done just yet! Join us at the Air Techniques booth with Teague Paratore and Tim Yaeger Jr. as they take a look at the modular CamX Triton HD Intraoral Camera. With this system, you can take headshots for patient files, closeup shots for insurance requests and patient education, and with a quick swap of the camera attachment, segue right into carries detection seamlessly. Not only is this the most flexible and upgradeable camera on the market, but new attachments are still being developed for future diagnostic procedures.

[CDA What’s New? #7] – What do you get when you cross the art and precision of Swiss watchmaking with the most important instrument in a dentist’s practice? Daniel Call invites Tim Yaeger to the Bien-Air booth for a brief peek into the company’s history which reveals a pedigry of excellence and innovation spread over decades in the industry.

[CDA What’s New? #5] – How do you know what’s going through your dental water lines? Can you trust tap water, or even distilled water when it comes to infection control during normal operations? Josh Mabie from Sterisil joins Tim Yaeger Jr. at the Associated Dental Dealers booth to explain how to treat your water lines the proper way to ensure patient safety while you work.